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Environmental simulation

Always the right climate

Research and quality assurance is solely focused on the optimization and monitoring of the performance standards, of functions and service life of materials, products and systems. It is expected from a climate chamber that it simulates the effects of temperature, humidity and light on the chemical, physical and biological behavior of the test material in a reproducible manner. BINDER offers a range of 10 series of constant climate chambers specifically designed for these demanding requirements. They provide innovative technical solutions and comprehensive equipment options, with which specimens can be safely and reliably tested, whether actively or passively. For special technical requirements, users can also rely on the individually tailored solutions from BINDER INDIVIDUAL.


  • Precise climate conditions
  • Fast and precise humidification
  • Norm compliant work
BINDER KMF Chambers Tap into Paper Testing | BINDER Inc.

The KMF climate chamber properly loads a variety of paper types Member of the international organization TAPPI rely on BINDER climate chambers for paper testing

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